Newtons Discovery



This cider takes half of its name from Newton Valence(The village where Angus grew up as a child and where he first started his business), and half from the Discovery apple variety used in this cider. This red apple is one of the first harvested in the apple season. By re-hydrating the apples for a second pressing we manage to keep the strength down whilst retaining its lovely flavour and colour. Also, of course, Newton, who sat under a tree, had an apple fall on his head and thus discovered gravity. The lower strength of this cider ensures that gravity still works to keep you standing up!

3.8%, DRY

Available in 10L or 20L Bag-in-box as well as 500ml glass bottles.


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We can also sell our cider in the following sizes by request:
30 litre/50 litre kegs
So if you want a real cider in your pub, bar, club or restaurant, we have a pack type to suit you. Just give us a call or send an email and we’ll discuss the best method of keeping your cider fresh.