Apple Cider Vinegar



Like our ciders, this apple cider vinegar is derived from 100% pure apple juice. The cider is put in our acetator (affectionally called The Judge) in a rolling 2-3 week period where aeration turns it into vinegar. Our vinegar is unpasteurised and unfiltered (complete with mother) so is rich in flavonoids, polyphenols, pectin, enzymes, minerals and amino acids. Cider vinegar has plenty of uses as a potential health supplement for people and animals. It can also be used for most practical and culinary uses you would use any other vinegar for.

(ACV) – Acidity 5.0%

Available in 500ml, 1ltr, 10ltr, 20ltr or in larger bulk quantities.

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Cider Vinegar

Bag-in-Box 1x10ltr, Bag-in-Box 1x20ltr, Glass Bottle 1x500ml, Glass Bottle Case 12x500ml, Jerrycan 1x25ltr, Jerrycan 1x5ltr, Plastic Bottle 1x1ltr, Plastic Bottle Case 12x1ltr