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In addition to our service for (Local)Public Fruit, for larger quantities of fruit, we can offer an exclusive pressing service on our powerful press. This does not necessarily have to be apples either, in the past we have done pears, grapes and even apricots!

Our Powerful Bucher Press

Pressing Services

Having our own bottling line gives us the flexibility to bottle for others, from Breweries to smoothie makers to other cider makers. Long-established or new start-ups, we can cater for a whole variety of companies.


Our various machines can bottle PET recyclable plastic, glass in various sizes (with crown or ROPP caps), still, carbonated, filtered or cloudy liquids. We also purchased a bag in box hot filler, which means we can pasteurise your drink and pack it into either 3, 10 or 20L bag-in-boxes, reducing packaging and lengthening shelf life.

Bottling Services

As we are certified for Organic Production, we can process your organic drink and pack it for you. We work closely with our glass suppliers and label makers which enables us to offer a full service from concept to bottle. Our SALSA accreditation means most bases are covered when it comes to getting your drink into larger retailers. We look forward to working with you, please get in touch!

Bring us yer Apples!PUBLIC FRUIT

We often deal with apples from members of the public who do not want to see them go to waste. We welcome windfall which is in good condition and not marked or bruised badly as well as apples picked from your trees. We take amounts from shopping bags to trailer loads in exchange for juice. Any apple variety will do.
Please call us on 01420 511733 to let us know when you are coming (Mon-Thu 9-4)


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