Making cider since 2003Our History
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Angus WhiteheadMr Whitehead's
Cider Company

Since the age of fifteen, Angus Whitehead has been making the most of the fruits of his garden. Guided by recipes handed down through generations, many experiments were created using all sorts of soft and hard fruit – the airing cupboard was never the same again! One year the apple and pear crop was so good that over 200 gallons of cider was produced. Angus realised the cider was better than any wine he’d made in previous years and this unusually strong cider is still renowned to this day for its longevity and quality. The hobby grew for a few more years until it was time to think seriously about the future. Small-scale production developed with the inception of The Swamp Donkey Cider Company in 1997, but within a short time Angus saw the potential growth opportunities and decided to go it alone.

Our cider story continues...Growing strength
to strength

Over the autumn of 2003, dedicated plans were made, machinery equipment and vessels purchased and 60 tonnes of apples pressed. Whilst the apple juice turned into cider over the winter, accreditations and licenses were obtained, new contracts made and Farmers’ Markets booked. As the spring came to break 50,000 litres of cider was almost ready to be received by the good and the great – but not before intense and rigorous testing in the most harsh and punishing conditions – the local pub! Now 16 years later, we produce in excess of 500,000 litres of cider, juice and vinegar every year – which is available both locally and country wide through our wholesale network.
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Our 5,000 trees & 7 acre orchard Growing our
own fruit

As well as growing our own fruit – we have planted some 6,500 trees between 2012 and 2018 in our 7 acre orchard – we supplement our own crop with apples and pears from mainly the Hampshire Downs and the South of England. Growing lots of different varieties of cooking, eating and dessert apples have allowed Angus to create some new and interesting blends, whilst using old and traditional methods to make special ciders throughout the strength range.

We now supply from individual customers to nationwide festivals and everything in between.